This ad is for The Cool Car Guy’s Consignment Program at 

What can you do with a classified ad?

Classified advertising works!  Think about it for a minute.  Unlike all of those stupid ads that pop-up on sites that you wish you had an ad blocker for, a classified ad is actually designed to tell you about a car, a house, a career, a business, etc. and we’re pretty good and running classified ads to sell vehicles at

You can certainly contact a dealership to that wants you to “Sell Us Your Car”, and we can do that too if you want to get out of your vehicle immediately.  We can also assist you in buying out your lease if the numbers make sense.  As an automotive boutique, at we do this for clients regularly to help them buy out their own lease or unload their vehicle or possibly even turn a profit.

We also have a unique consignment program, which if you click on the link in this ad, you can find out more about.

What’s A Vehicle Consignment 

A “consignment” is allowing someone to sell your product or goods for you. When it comes to selling an automobile, the consignor, you, and, the consignee, enter into an agreement where we will market your vehicle, with the goal of selling your vehicle to a third-party for a price which you have agreed upon.

Check it out, reach out and we will let you know if we can assist you in selling your vehicle through our dealership or helping you to use a website like Cars Freak here to sell it on your own.