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If you want to buy or trade with a seller on Cars Freak you can join for free!

If you want to start listing and selling cars with other subscribers, it’s just $9.99 a month and you can post your vehicles for sale as much as you want, as often as you want. You never pay us a per listing fee and we don’t take a percentage of your profits or your sales like other “free” sites.

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Click the Submit Ad button above and it will walk you through signing up as a Seller. It’s that simple!

Cars Freak is unique because it allows you to leverage other subscribers advertising as well as your own. This means that you can get more exposure for your ads. 

 By helping Freak Sites grow you’re creating leverage for yourself as well as others.


Join Cars Freak

Create your own personalized profile for yourself or your business. This will allow you to purchase a $9.99 monthly subscription.


List your Cars

Once you have a subscription you can post unlimited ads for the entire month. You can upload photos, details, and you keep all the profits from your sales.


Promote your Business

Build your profile with your ads, along with a description of yourself or your company. Upload your photo or company logo and direct others directly to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cars Freak offers an annual subscription for a flat annual fee, with unlimited listings, for the cost of what other sites charge for a monthly fee or in most cases less, so you cannot cancel your membership once you join.  If you use other classified ad sites at even $5 per vehicle and you list 12 cars a month, that’s $60 a month or $720 per year!

Once you join Cars Freak you can login and check your account as a Seller or a Buyer. 

We use PayPal that costs us a little more, but we know it’s secure. It’s owned by Ebay and you can use your credit card to join and we pay the fees on our end.  If you don’t have a PayPal account or you don’t want want, simply choose the Pay By Credit Card option and turn off getting a PayPal account when you pay.

That’s why we use PayPal. We don’t want to manage your credit card information or store your information, so we would rather pay a company the size of Ebay that owns PayPal to manage the credit card and payment processing for us.