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Trade it, Sell it, Buy it, Collect It!

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Why I Created Cars Freak...

“I own that is a “boutique” car dealership in Lone Tree, Colorado. I branded myself The Cool Car Guy back in 2005 when I first started selling vehicles professionally.  Since 2005, I’ve sold millions of dollars in vehicles per year and I have watched technology make it easier for dealers and consumers to find and purchase vehicles. However, advertising costs and expenses to run a dealership have continued to skyrocket.  For example, the Colorado DMV’s used to charge $7.20 to flip a title for a car dealership and now it’s $25 per title.  There are only about 396 used car dealerships in the State of Colorado out of about 50,000 that have been licensed, so it’s not easy for most smaller dealerships to survive based on the numbers.

It’s getting more expensive to run a small  dealership like Advertising on many classified sites has gotten way overpriced.  If you list just 12 vehicles a month at only $5 a vehicle that adds $60 a month or $720 a year to your advertising budget. 

I decided to create and make it affordable and easy to use at just $99 a year for unlimited listings.  That’s a deal for any size car dealership. I created some other sites under the Freak Sites brand to help keep the costs down and not have to continually raise prices as the site grows and uses more bandwidth.  

Cars Freak is not an end all website to replace all others, it’s not perfect, but it’s simple to use and pretty cool. Hopefully enough people decide to use it and it’s not just my personal classified ad site for my own dealership.

Let me know if you like it!”