Cars Freak Is Coming Soon


We are getting ready to launch a new Freak Site dedicated to vehicle listings.

Freak Sites, Inc. owns and operates a number of Internet websites for promoting various goods and services, including for people to list and sell their vehicles for top dollar or to showcase them online.

If you’re tired of paying a website every time you sell an item, then become a freak and join the revolution here at Cars Freak. You pay a $99 annual fee and you can list up to 15 vehicles a month as a dealership compared to hundreds of dollars a month at other websites.  List as often as you like, using our website to list and trade or sell your vehicles.

There are never any additional listing or selling fees. We won’t be asking you for donations or telling you we need a portion of your profits, you keep them all. We charge a reasonable annual subscription to use any of our Freak Sites and you get to leverage our website for your profit.

Cars Freak is a work in progress, so stay tuned it’s coming soon!

…wait there’s a little more before you leave: is one of the first of the Freak Sites family of sites to be launched. We didn’t mention it, but we will also be paying you as an Affiliate to bring us more freaks that want to trade or sell their stuff.

Yeah, we’re going to be doing that too because we’re freaks!

The Freak