Cars Freak is a next level classified ad website. It is not an auction site that is going to handle the transaction for you. It’s easy to use as a classified ad website. Once you join for $99.00 and get your annual subscription in place, you simply list your vehicles for trade or for sale. When someone is interested or ready to get your vehicle, you work out the details with the buyer.

It’s one of the reasons why we don’t have listing fees on our website. We’re charging an annual subscription and allowing our sellers to leverage our website. The more users we get the more we can make it work for everyone because of volume. There are some serious sellers at some websites where they have hundreds of items for sale. At only $99.00 a year to list a vehicle and sell it for thousands of dollars is a smoking deal.  If you work at or own a car dealership you know that $99.00 a year to list multiple vehicles for sale every month is worth its weight in gold.  Are you kidding?  You pay more than that per month to list on other websites and this is another site to get your dealership seen as well as your vehicles.

Cars Freak Can Work For You

There are millions of people who are using websites to sell vehicles, but many times people just want to trade something for something else. You might want to trade a collectible car or multiple collectible cars for one more expensive car that you really want. Post your cars on Cars Freak and let people know what you’re looking for and use this site to get the vehicle you want at the price you want or trade with another owner.

Maybe you want to trade one car for another car? You might see a collectible car for $15,000 and you have a collectible car that is also worth $15,000. Reach out to the seller and make an offer to trade.

Welcome to Cars Freak, which is really a cool classified ad website compared to others that are out there and it looks great too.