This is a 1966 Datsun 1600 Convertible that a client has for sale on consignment with my dealership in Colorado.

It was red and he had it professionally painted silver. He has had it since 2008 and he can’t physically rebuild it or work on it anymore.

He’s put a ton of money into buying parts to make it work, but it’s beyond him at this point. Someone can get this really cool classic Datsun as a project car and rebuild it.

You can pretty much get everything to build this vehicle that is in boxes, including a second engine, tires, lots of parts.  Make an offer and we can see if the price he wants for it works for you and put a deal together.  It has a clean New Mexico title.

These are really cool cars 😎 that go for great money at auction once they are built correctly. You could also keep it as a fantastic tooling around car.

Check out the YouTube video at the end of the photos to see a 1966 that has been restored.

Call me for details, if you’re interested.