I’m closing down my car dealership in Lone Tree, CO on March 31st, 2024 after 19 years of selling vehicles around the country.  After living in Colorado for 27 years and then moving to Rio Rancho, NM in 2021 and running my dealership long distance I decided that it’s time for a change.

My plan is to focus on spreading the word about Cars Freak and do a relaunch of CoolCarGuy.com in the coming month or two, so stay tuned.  I’m really excited about it and I’ll give you a quick test drive of my plan on what’s to come.  

My plan is to turn CoolCarGuy.com into a really cool online site that incorporates unique, one-of-a-kind videos, high-end classifieds of cool cars that are hand selected to be on my website, and driving CoolCarGuy.com as a vehicle that becomes a really cool online site for car and car enthusiasts.  It will be centered around my personal brand as The Cool Car Guy with exclusive content created by me based on my years of experience in the automotive industry and the owner of a car dealership. 

I won’t be selling vehicles any longer.  It’s time to put a new paint job on CoolCarGuy.com for a whole new engagement and user experience.  If you click on the link in this ad you can read an article that I created discussing the idea around the Freak Sites brand and how I arrived at the decision to move in this new direction.

What’s really cool about Cars Freak and the other Freak Sites is that I can  demonstrate the power of classified advertising, by sharing an ad like this about my business on a car classified website.  I’ve also created the ability to earn money helping to promote the Freak Sites branded classified ad sites as an affiliate marketer.