Hey Car Freaks,

I spotted this 1969 El Camino SS in Bernalillo, NM over by the Starbucks off the 550 and I decided to go and take some photos of it and list it here on Cars Freak for people to check out on my profile as The Cool Car Guy. I created a couple of cool ads to go with the vehicle giving you a visual of what this vehicle could look like if someone wanted to fix it up.

Let me stop right here though and tell you that I’m not selling this vehicle personally, but I’m listing it because it’s an iconic cool car.  El Camino – “The Way” in spanish or some people say, “The Road” since the road is usually the way.  Anyway, I spoke with Tony and Gilbert who have the vehicle at their landscape shop for their pal Wilson who owns the vehicle. 

I guess Wilson got it by trading a nice truck he had for it, after someone they knew owned it and had passed away.  It sat for three years here in New Mexico waiting on the title.  It’s a Southwest vehicle, so it’s not filled with rust like an East Coast car, but its’ a bit rough around the edges as you would expect for a 55 year old ride that sat around in the desert for three years.

It has an automatic transmission and he had to take out the 396 and put in a 350 that has plenty of meat on it.  I didn’t drive it, but they started it up for me and it sounded good, they said it runs great, but I wouldn’t go over 40mph with the tires they have on it – lol.  It also needs a new power steering gear box since it’s leaking fluid pretty bad.  That will set you back a few hundred bucks online and the time to install it.

He has the original 396 motor too that he spent $7,000 rebuilding and he’s looking to get $3K for that.  The true miles are unknown with the 350 motor since these came with the 396, but it has a clean title.

This is being sold by Wilson, the owner, and you can text him at 505-356-9679 for more information.  Let him know that you saw it on Cars Freak on my profile, if you call him about it.  Tell them that I stopped by and talked to Tony and Gilbert.

It’s kind of funny, but I told them that I was going to post the vehicle on my profile on Cars Freak for them for free since I’m trying to show people how cool this classified ad website is and they didn’t believe me.   If you’re looking for an El Camino at a decent price that runs reach out to Wilson or go and pay Tony and Gilbert a visit near the Starbucks in Bernalillo, NM.