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CoolCarGuy.com is a licensed Colorado car dealership that is different than most other car dealers.The Cool Car Guys’ Personal Online Automotive Boutique Where We Are Curating Exceptional Rides for Unique Individuals.

Step into a different world of automotive excellence at CoolCarGuy.com that is designed as an online boutique car dealership that breaks free from the conventional norms.

I’m John Boyd, known as The Cool Car Guy, and my goal is to redefine your car-owning and driving experience.With a personal history of owning nearly 60 automobiles alongside my wife Becky, I’ve spent decades perfecting the art of buying, selling, trading, and leasing vehicles.

At CoolCarGuy.com, my passion for cars has evolved into a distinctive online automotive boutique designed to provide you with more than just a set of wheels – it’s about creating a fun, engaging and value-driven experience around buying, trading, leasing and owning vehicles.  I love driving cars!

Check out my online dealership, along with my team of sales consultants and see if we can assist you to find your next ride or if you just want to make another contact in the automotive world – I’m just a phone call away!